Uganda is a country with a rich cultural heritage, history and spectacular tourist attractions. From Wildlife, Birds, scenery, vegetation – makes it all a reason to be known as the pearl of Africa. While on any Uganda Safari, tasting local food and cuisines is one of the awesome ways to enjoy your trip.

Luwombo local food

Here are some of the local food you should try when you visit Uganda;


The luwombo or also known as Oluwombo is a traditional local food in Uganda which consists of chicken or beef wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. Accompanied with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, mushrooms along with peanut (g-nut) sauce plus spices makes it a fantastic meal.  This local food is said to have originated from the early 1880’s during the reign of Buganda Kingdom’s Kabaka Mwanga. The Luwombo (Chicken Luwombo) is served while wrapped in leaves like a gift making it look special. You can also prepare the luwombo with smoked fish is added to the beef/chicken.


Muchomo is another tasty Ugandan local food which means “roasted meat”.  The local dish can either be chicken, pork, and goat or sometimes beef. The Muchomo name was adapted from the Swahili word ‘Choma’ which basically means roasted. Muchomo is commonly found at roadside stalls, markets, and restaurants served while barbecued on a stick. Muchomo is usually accompanied with Gonja which is roasted sweet plantains which on its own is enjoyed as a snack.


Most local meals in Uganda are served with G.nut sauce which tastes so yummy and rich. The sauce is a creamy paste made from sweet red peanuts and served with meals. In western Kenya, Gnut sauce is eaten on its own as soup but this is different from the way it is served in Uganda. The g.nut sauce is served best with roasted fish, sweet potatoes and Matooke (boiled or mashed plantain)


Katogo is traditionally a breakfast dish though it can be enjoyed any time of the day. It is prepare with different variations such as Irish potatoes, greens, cassava, sweet potatoes, or viscera from goats, chicken or cows. Most of the local cafes and restaurants in Uganda serve this local dish for their customers in the morning hours. Katogo for breakfast will start your day off with a hearty portion of fried plantains served with soup, beans, beef and vegetables.


Matooke is also known as the national dish, found mostly in the west, central, and eastern parts of Uganda. The banana plantains are peeled then steamed, and later mashed. Served with all kinds of sauce but most especially gnut sauce, beans, beef stew, goat stew, chicken etc. Alternatively the matooke is peeled and steemed and prepared to make the famous ‘Katogo’ dish. Other people would love to steam the matooke while still unpeeled.

Matooke local food


The famous Ugandan rolex – not the watch, is one of the delicacies you need to try. The Ugandan rolex is served in different ways but often consists of eggs cooked into an omelet along with raw tomatoes, onions and cabbage. The omelet is then rolled up with a chapati. Found commonly on roadside stalls at a very cheap price. It is said to have originated from a place called ‘Kikoni’ Makerere, a suburb in Kampala. The rolex has been recognized globally and you can also find it in 5 star hotels around Uganda and Africa.


The Nsenene is a popular local dish which is made of fried grasshoppers that are often sold along roadsides and some restaurants. This food is common in the rainy season when the grasshoppers are in large numbers and are literally flying everywhere. The preparation involves removing grasshoppers’ natural oils, wings and legs.



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