News came out on Thursday 28th February 2019 that all the Rwanda border crossings were closed. It is true – there has been a closure on all entry points to Rwanda holding up most of the cargo from Uganda. However the Travelers /Tourists on Safari are not restricted and can still have access to the Rwanda border crossing entry points.

Uganda Rwanda border Crossing Kagitumba

The government of Rwanda hasn’t come out to give a clear statement or reason as to why the border was closed but locals have been encouraged to stay calm and wait for the next move. Rwanda’s state minister for foreign affairs – Oliver Nduhungirehe advises that all Rwanda’s borders are open. However Trucks and heavy vehicles are advised to use Kagitumba due to ongoing construction at Gatuna.

Which Rwanda Border Points are affected?

The Rwanda border points affected include the Kyanika Border in Kisoro, Mirama hills in Ntungamo and Katuna border. Authorities from the Ugandan government including the ministry of foreign affairs have set up talks with the Rwandan Authorities to resolve the matters.

Rwanda and Uganda are located in Eastern Africa and their history is quite rich. A lot of Rwandese nationals currently live in Uganda and the same goes for the Ugandans. These two countries are currently one of the three lucky places where tourists can get to see the famous mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

Uganda & Rwanda Tourism

The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is a major destination for most gorilla trekking safaris. The same goes for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park with over half of the world’s remaining gorillas, located in south western Uganda.

Rwanda Gorilla
Rwanda Gorilla, photo by Todd Brogdon

It has not been indicated whether it’s easier to fly to Rwanda but no news has come out yet. The national carrier airline Rwanda Air offers direct flights from most major cities including New York.

Entry points to Uganda have not been restricted as of March 2019 and travelers / tourists can easily cross the Rwanda border from both directions.

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